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Hi there, my name's Michele and, if you're a woman in midlife who is lacking some direction or feeling unfulfilled, I can help you get to where you're looking to be.

I'm a women's life and career confidence coach, working online and in person. We all hit that slump at some point and need a helping hand, as we work out which changes we need to make.

If you're feeling stressed, unfulfilled or lacking ownership over where your life is heading, I'm here for you, with coaching for women in midlife, to help set you on the path you want to walk.

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How I Became A Coach

It all started for much the same reason as you're reading this now! I was in my late 50s, in a well-paid job, working with a lovely group of people. Something was wrong, though. I was working long hours; the work was never done and I had no time for myself. I was stressed and felt something was lacking in my life.

I had coaching myself, which gave me so many valuable insights into myself and what I wanted and needed to really feel that I was living my life.  As it happened, what I wanted to do was coaching, too! As a women's life and career confidence coach, I love getting to help different people on a daily basis. My work fits around my life, rather than the other way round.

I can help you, just as I was helped, to find out what you really want from life. Then, to start living it!

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True Potential Coaching's Values


Unconditional Kindness

As women, we're asked to give a lot, throughout our lives. Pulled in all directions, as mothers, wives, partners, friends and employees, it can be hard to say “no” without feeling a little guilty. True Potential Coaching sessions are a place of unconditional kindness, free from judgement, where we can talk, in confidence.

Spirited Optimism

I truly believe, as a life and career confidence coach, that everyone has the capacity to make positive changes in their lives. When we first meet  you might be feeling a little disheartened and, perhaps, quite lost as well. However, there is always something you can do and together we will find it.

Caring Collaboration

When you come to me, as your life and career coach, you'll be looking for answers. The reality is, however, that the answers are already within you. What you need is someone to help bring them to the surface. When we  work together we  will establish a way for you to discover those answers and I will support you every step of the way.