As promised, and on time, here is part 2 of my blog looking at my problems with procrastination.

So, what's my strategy for knocking procrastination on the head?  Well, following research into what makes people procrastinate, which included borrowing The Art of Procrastination by John Perry[1] from a colleague and giving back, unread, three years later when I left my job… I have decided on the following:

1) Revisit my ‘Why's?'

At the beginning of my coaching training, we were asked to write down 50 reasons we were on the course. This was challenging but I got really clear on why I wanted to give up secure employment to become a life coach, and work for myself. I want to make a difference to people's lives in a positive and  transformative way.  Clients don't come knocking on the door, they need to know I'm a coach and how I can really help them. This means getting out of my comfort zone. making social media my friend and providing information and resources that will help my clients 


I know what I need to do.  I have given myself deadlines and set targets for what I want to achieve. Only I can do it and my Why's are my motivation.


2) Accountability

I am making myself accountable via this blog to take action and not get distracted; to allocate distinct blocks of time in my calendar to the tasks I need to complete to reach my goals and objectives.  Accountability is a really helpful measure for me.  If I commit to someone else to get something done then it becomes a priority.   If you would like accountability for actions you need to take to reach your goals, email me at and I'll happily be your accountability buddy.


3) Be Realistic

 I will add 50% to the time I think I need to complete any task. I have under estimated how long something will take all my life and when I don't complete it in the allotted time, I go looking for distractions. By allowing myself the ‘luxury' of more time I'm setting myself up for success rather than frustration.


4) Leaving distractions elsewhere

  I don't need my phone for most of the work I do so that will stay in another room.  I have turned off the pop- up notifications from my emails since that's a sure way to take my attention away from the task in hand.  I have unsubscribed from all the emails that offer those bright shiny things that I either don't need, can't afford or aren't relevant to the business and my current priorities.


All of the above are common sense but not necessarily common practice. I am in the process of making them my common practice and I am starting to notice the difference in terms of my focus and productivity on my set priorities.  Like all change it's not easy, but by taking these small steps I truly believe I'll get nearer to where I want to be more quickly and, hopefully with less frustration.


Just a reminder If you would like accountability for actions you need to take to reach one of your goals, email me at and I'll happily be your accountability buddy.


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1 October 2022








[1] The Art of Procrastination:  A Guide to Effective Dawdling, Lollygagging and Postponing, John Perry 2020. Workman Publishing Company