I recently attended a day long coaching course and one of the biggest takeaways for me was that to move forward or make changes you need to take ACTION, however small that action might be.

It sounds so obvious.  However, since leaving my regular 9-5, or more often 8-6, job and setting up on my own I seem to have gone out of my way not to take the actions I know I need to because I see them as belonging in the ‘too difficult box'.

 Like a magpie I have been distracted by bright, shiny objects- free courses, seminars and build a 7-figure business in five minutes webinars. This is in addition to my phone pinging, the addictive but often mindless scrolling through various social media, emails popping into my inbox and the general hubbub of everyday life, particularly when working from home.

A quick search on Amazon showed over 10,000 results when I input the word ‘procrastination' so I know I'm not alone and nor are you.


‘Procrastination is the act of unnecessarily postponing decisions or actions. For example, if someone delays working on an assignment until right before its deadline for no reason, even though they know that it would be better for them to start earlier, that person is procrastinating'[1]. That's me to a T.  I procrastinate because I think something will be really difficult, so I put it off until I have to do it, thereby resulting in a degree of anxiety. Or, I get distracted down a number of the rabbit holes I've described above and see no progress on the things that really will progress my business.  Since working from home, I have found cleaning my house seems to have more of a pull than researching and writing a blog because cleaning is an easy task.

Three months into my new venture I have realised that enough is enough: action and dedicated focus, here I come.  I shall knock procrastination on the head and work to meet the objectives I have set myself in the first 3, 6, 9 and 12 months of my new business.

As a promise to my online community I will complete and post part 2 of this blog by 1 October 2022 sharing my proposed strategy for beating procrastination.


28 September 2022




[1] Why People Procrastinate: The Psychology and Causes of Procrastination – Solving Procrastination